SRTM v4 is an effort by the folks at CIAT-CSI to scrub, polish, and remove gaps in the raw SRTM data released by NASA (SRTM 3).

One userfriendly interface : http://dwtkns.com/srtm/ provides srtm_xx_yy.zip tiles of ~20Mo each.

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The CIAT-CSI project provides 3 zipped tiles (W, NE, SE) of ~1Go each. These files are behind a public password (see page), on box.com, which block programmatic download.

Is there any mirror with these 3 big SRTM 4 files using a stable link ? so I may use a makefile to let coworkers to programmatically download them via curl or alikes.

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If ok to manage 872 tiles which can be later on unzip and gdal_merge, then :

wget -r --no-parent --random-wait --timestamping -A.zip http://gis-lab.info/data/srtm-tif/


curl -L 'http://gis-lab.info/data/srtm-tif/srtm_[01-72]_[01-24].zip' -o 'SRTM_V41_#1_#2.zip'
  • Thanks! For the others: first option is not working (403 error), an adding a -f to the second option (curl -f -L [...]) allows to skip non existing files.
    – Tim Autin
    Aug 7, 2018 at 10:20

Maybe offtopic, but please note this new release:

"November 20, 2013

NASA SRTM V3.0 has eliminated all voids with fill primarily from ASTER GDEM2 (Global Digital Elevation Model Version 2), and secondarily from USGS GMTED2010 - or USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) for the United States (except Alaska) and northernmost Mexico."


If you want to download from the official website, you can:

curl -f -L 'http://srtm.csi.cgiar.org/SRT-ZIP/SRTM_V41/SRTM_Data_GeoTiff/srtm_[01-72]_[01-24].zip' -o 'SRTM_V41_#1_#2.zip'

Manual interface is available here: http://srtm.csi.cgiar.org/SELECTION/inputCoord.asp

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