I'm working with ArcGIS v10.1 and MS Access 2010. Can you export a datalayer directly into Access 2010 (.accdb)? This was possible under using older versions of ArcGIS with Access 2003.

I created a DataBase Connection using ArcCatalog to reference the Access 2010 database and I can successfully import a table from Access into ArcGIS. However, when I try to export and point back to the same Access 2010 database using the same DataBase Connection, the .ODC I created is not available.

I can work around this by exporting the data into a spreadsheet and then importing the spreadsheet into Access.

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    What are you using Access for in this scenario?
    – Roy
    Aug 26, 2013 at 11:09
  • When you say datalayer are you talking about a spatial dataset such as a point layer or a standalone non-spatial table? I think accdb databases can only support non spatial tables?
    – Hornbydd
    Dec 13, 2013 at 8:36

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There is a Knowledge Base Article available called HowTo: Connect to Microsoft Access 2007/2010 (ACCDB) files in ArcGIS which says:

The proper way of connecting to Microsoft Access databases, either the MDB or ACCDB formats, is through an OLEDB connection. Though it is technically possible to connect to MDB files through the Add Data dialog box in ArcMap, it is not the recommended workflow. With the new Microsoft Access format, accessing ACCDB files directly through the Add Data dialog box is not possible.

This may be what you are after.

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