I use two different Landsat datasets in different computers. But the region settings I work is the same. Is it possible to export the region settings in the form of a file in GRASS?

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The region files reside within the windows folder of your mapset, and provided that the projection information is the same between the mapsets, can safely be copied. You can generate a saved region by typing g.region save=test, here's an example file:

proj:       99
zone:       0
north:      1724519.03591606
south:      -1658266.80294581
east:       2745189.73967152
west:       -3134521.46538088
cols:       7832
rows:       4506
e-w resol:  750.72921413
n-s resol:  750.72921413
top:        1
bottom:     0
cols3:      7832
rows3:      4506
depths:     1
e-w resol3: 750.72921413
n-s resol3: 750.72921413
t-b resol:  1
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    ... or you copy over the WIND file stored within the mapset.
    – markusN
    Commented Mar 9, 2011 at 22:07

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