Is there a way to zoom in a map on an R spatial polygons object.

i.e. if I have polygons for a whole country but I want to zoom in on a specific city and just plot that area how do I do that ?

At the moment I am just plotting a chloropleth of the whole country like this:

    colours<-(brewer.pal(9, "YlGn"))
    brks<-classIntervals(poly$var1, n=9, style="quantile")
    plot(ED, col=colours[findInterval(poly$var1, brks,all.inside=TRUE)], axes=F, border=FALSE)

I wanna zoom in and plot a rectangular area around a particular city but can't figure out how.


Use xlim and ylim args to plot:

require(spdep) # for sample data 
axis(1);axis(2) # see where we are

OR if you don't know the coords get them using locator:

xy=locator(2,"p") # click two corners

OR use zoom from the raster package:

zoom(columbus) # click corners
  • Thanks!I also had the idea to subset the map using a larger scale area code - but that would not be nice and rectangular so I look your solution better! – user2498193 Aug 25 '13 at 11:45

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