I'm using suite-sdk (GXP) to build my WMS client. I want add to PrintPreview window capability of changing rotation. I find this feature in Heron script but there is other version of [GeoExt.ux PrintPreview] link. So I add

printRotationPage: null,
printRotationExtent: null,
printRotationExtentOptions: null,

if (this.showRotation) {
    this.printRotationPage = new GeoExt.data.PrintPage({
        printProvider: this.printProvider
    this.printRotationExtent = new GeoExt.plugins.PrintExtent(Ext.applyIf({
        pages: [this.printRotationPage],
        layer: this.initialConfig.layer
    }, this.printRotationExtentOptions));

so file look like this.

Now when I click print icon on toolbar I get this in console:

TypeError: this.map is null                                                       Layer.js
    resolution = resolution || this.map.getResolution();

from getViewPortPxFromLonLat(); function from Layer.js file.
Where I made mistake?


Sorry, the Heron print preview is not compatible with the Suite SDK.

  • So maybe there is easy way to add GeoExt Print Extend to GXP Print plugin? – user19291 Aug 29 '13 at 7:26

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