I am working on QGIS rasters.

What DEM file formats are supported by QGIS?

I know that QGIS can read the GDAL supported formats but not what the GDAL supported formats are.

I do not know whether QGIS supports all the DEMs supported by ArcGIS Desktop.

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Settings -> Options ->GDAL gives you a reliable list what is possible with your installed QGIS version.

It might well be that some QGIS versions on some platforms do not support everything that is available in GDAL sources.


All the GDAL formats are here http://www.gdal.org/formats_list.html. A quick web search will give you what you need


most of the argis raster formats are supported by gdal/qgis as well. especially looking at the common ones like Tiff, bigtiff, jpg, png, gif and many more. have a look on the comparison sheat of nicholas duggan created. maybe you will find more answers there.

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