I want to install Postgres and Postgis.

Now we use ArcGis 10.1 So I install Postgres 9.0.5 But there is not exist Postgis for this version. I try install postgis 2.0.3 But I fail(it is only 32 bit application ) http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/windows/pg90/

So I'd like to install postgres 9.1.3 But I find only 9.1.9 version :(

I'd like to install Postgis because we will use geoserver.


Supported OS/Database versions are subject to ESRI's Supported Environment Policy, which pretty much states "We have a list of OS/Database versions that we have tested and approved. Other versions might work, but if it breaks, we don't support it."

9.1.9 may work. Since it isn't that far from 9.1.3, you have a good chance. However, there could be issues here and there and it might not be perfect.

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    Patch releases (third decimal) are pretty much guaranteed to work, since the PgSQL API and behaviour don't change in patch releases. Same is true of PostGIS. So 9.1.9 should work fine. – Paul Ramsey Aug 29 '13 at 19:12

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