I have Desktop 10.1 that is accessing data from sde geodatabase. I select some features on the map, and try to do "Create layer from selected feature" but nothing happen, and no error message. the operation was successful when I had sde geodatabase 9.3, but since I migrated sde geodatabase to 10.1 and I cannot do that.

The RDBMS is oracle.

I check for errors in c:\users{my user}\AppData\local\Esri\ and nothing related to any error

or this location c:\users{my user}\AppData\roaming\Esri\

Where are the selection layers saved? are they saved in the map document?

  • Are you creating a new layer from the layer which you have features selected on?
    – DPierce
    Aug 29, 2013 at 18:00

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You should see the new layer added to the Table of Contents (from where it can be saved to the map), but this sounds a lot like the bug below, which was meant to have been resolved at ArcGIS 9.x.

Bug: 'Create layer from selected features' does not add new layer to display tab in ArcMap when in layout

If it sounds exactly like what you are seeing at ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 with ArcSDE 9.3 then I recommend that you report it to your local Esri support.

If you are seeing this when you are in Layout View then a workaround may be to do it in Data View instead.


Thanks a lot for the answers I think I found the problem. It is related to the configuration of SDE_logfiles. We had old geodatabase/SDE (9.3) and users schemas defined to use the shared sde_logfiles.

But the DBA who created our new geodatabase kept the "per session " setting. So, the login user was expecting the sde_logfiles to be there.

I am not sure yet, if this is the solution, the DBA is coming next week, and don't have access to the SDE schema.

But I traced back the sql statements the user logged in are submitting in Oracle, and I found that they are trying to access SDE_Logfiles in the same schema as the user. and in the old sde 9.3 we had all sde_logfiles in the SDE schemas

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