I have a GIS shapefile of 300+ points that I am converting to KML using ArcGIS for Desktop. Once in KML I want to create custom balloons by editing the KML file. However, the HTML feature in ArcGIS does not set up the Schema and Extended Data that I need (e.g. if I open a shapefile in Google Earth Pro and save it as KML, it creates the Schema and Extended Data automatically). I don't have access to Google Earth Pro right now. Is there another way to create this in ArcGIS or is there a 3rd party program that will do this? I don't have much programming experience, so I can't really go that route. Thanks in advance!

  • You might try Google Fusion Tables, which accepts geographic data as a CSV file and provides mapping and export to KML (with or without NetworkLink) functionality. I do not know if it will create ExtendedData elements for every attribute field in your CSV.
    – Arthur
    Sep 3, 2013 at 14:37

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If you have the "Data Interoperability" extension, you should be able to output a KML file from your layer using the “Quick Export” tool which exports also the extended data.

There are also several ArcScript tools available to export to KML from ArcGIS (see here).


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