Currently I'm trying to implement animated markers in OpenLayers. I'm using PNGs for the markers, set by the externalGraphic style property on an OpenLayers.Layer.Vector. I need to be able to make the graphic pulse, grow, blink, etc. which means controlling its size and position.

With the SVG renderer I can get a reference to the image element by using the Geometry's id property. However with the VML renderer (IE8 doesn't support SVG) I can't seem to find a way to get a reference to the rect element, which is what (I think) I need to manipulate to do the animation.

Am I thinking about this wrong? Can I change the feature's style on the fly? Should I just use animated GIFs (ugh)? OpenLayers.Layer.Markers? Something else?

What if I could get away with not supporting IE8 -- is working with the image a good way to go?

Edit: I also need to support selection and clustering of the markers...

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