We have a Webmap that uses geoserver + geoExt + openLayers. Even though the JavaScript code is not obfuscated or compressed, at the moment we do not intend to have a place were someone can got and download our website "source code". A friend said that since we use GPL software, we must make the source code available. Now, I believe the use of geoserver, geoExt, openLayers (with its licenses GPL, FreeBSD, BSD) does not enforce me to distribute our webmap source code, is that correct? Or am I understanding GPL wrong?

I'm basing my understanding in two sentences, one from GPL FAQ and another from Drupal FAQ.

From GPL FAQ: If I know someone has a copy of a GPL-covered program, can I demand he give me a copy? No. The GPL gives him permission to make and redistribute copies of the program if he chooses to do so. He also has the right not to redistribute the program, if that is what he chooses.

From Drupal FAQ: 11: Do I have to give the code for my web site to anyone who visits it?

No. The GPL does not consider viewing a web site to count as "distributing", so you are not required to share the code running on your server.

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