Can you recommend some magazines or other GIS-related papers (printed or digital) which are released on a monthly basis (or every 2-3 months);

I am looking to keep in touch with the GIS fast-growing world and I would prefer something other than books or websites.

Maybe some of you already have a subscription at some magazine.

I am quite interested in Open Source Software but not only.

This post would be the magazine equivalent to another one with useful information about books: What books, journals, and electronic resources are most valuable for expanding knowledge of GIS?


You can try following :

Arc-News (For ESRI related and general GIS news)

Directions Magazine (For latest update and webinars information)

GIS Development (for latest news and software reviews)

GISlounge.com ,giscafe.com (For latest update, GIS news etc)

Few Blogs

Mapperz - The Mapping News Blog

James Fee : spatiallyadjusted.com

GIS training related : geospatialtraining.com/blog/

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Here is one

The Geospatial Resource Portal

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