I have loaded some data from openstreetmap using osmosis and its pg_snapshot schema. This results in a table wayswhich contains a list of nodesreferenced by their ids:

select w.nodes from ways as w where w.tags->'railway'='rail' limit 1;

and in a separate table you have a geometry column for each node:

select st_astext(nodes.geom) from nodes where id = 358482292;
POINT(6.1253475 45.9259597)

My question what query could give me a LINESTRING for each way created from the node list?

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When creating the database you want to apply the osmosis/script/pgsnapshot_schema_0.6_linestring.sql script before importing. This will cause osmosis to generate the linestrings. If you didn't do this before importing, it's possible to add a linestring column and use the SQL in the bulk load script to populate it, but this is very slow when operating on a full planet.


while creating the schema, one should execute:


to have a linestring for each way

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