I have an issue with ArcMap. In the layout view and data view it shows all buildings normal (it's a bit blurry, but it's only for a study not for presentation), but when I export it, all gaps between the buildings get filled. I don't know what the error could be and first thought it would be in some export setting, but it isn't. I made an EMF and inserted the picture in ArcMap and the EMF was filled in too.

ArcMap filling full layer

Some more background information: All files are shapefiles (vector) When I export just the layer with the building information all works fine.

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I suspect your problem is similar to what I encountered at Filled Polygons on Edge of Map using ArcMap.

Try running the "Repair Geometry" tool on your polygon layers, especially the layer that is not the buildigs (2e Daaise buurt).


Try instead of exporting the PDF, the print to PDF option. Also I see you have two layers on the legend. If, by any chance, one of them has a transparency setting, then try removing the transparency and just showing the outline to see if it solves the filling up of gaps.

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