I have customized mapbox tiles and i need to print it on A2 size paper on high zoom level at around scale of 500 to 1000. I am thinking of stitching the adjacent tiles together to form a single big map. How can i do it?

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With Linux you can use QBigMap: http://ruessel.in-chemnitz.de/osm/qbigmap/

A Perl-Script can be found in the OSM-Wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bigmap


The Modest Maps compose.py script is made for this: https://github.com/migurski/modestmaps-py


Change the location of tile server in https://github.com/maxolasersquad/osm_download


Layout the map in actual size(if its a large map), save it as .pdf then use adobe pdf reader to print using its "poster" feature you can print large image/map in regular size paper, it will automatically divide into desired size of paper. that will do as work around solution. hope it help=)

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