I need a list of the central points for all countries:

China: lat/long (coordinates of the most central point in China)
France: lat/long (coordinates of the most central point in France)


Frank Donnelly provides a CSV file of country centroids that's based on data taken from the GeoNames Server, but hand curated by Frank. The data was last updated in February 2012.

-- EDIT May 2018 The former source isn't available anymore, here is a newer one, with lots of infos on the countries (incl. Centroids), and possibility to download the data in several formats. https://worldmap.harvard.edu/data/geonode:country_centroids_az8

There's also a similar question over at Stackoverflow: Need a list of all countries in the world, with a longitude and latitude coordinate, which includes a couple of approaches for generating such a list from other data sources.


I put together a CSV file a couple of years ago called 'Countries of the World'. It contains the area centroid and bounding box for each country in the world.


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You can retrieve this information using R like this:


# get world map
  wmap <- getMap(resolution="high")

# get centroids
 centroids <- gCentroid(wmap, byid=TRUE)

# get a data.frame with centroids
  df <- as.data.frame(centroids)

#>                     x         y
#> Aruba       -69.97345  12.51678
#> Afghanistan  66.00845  33.83627
#> Angola       17.53646 -12.29118
#> Anguilla    -63.06082  18.22560
#> Albania      20.05399  41.14258
#> Aland        20.03715  60.20733

# plot

enter image description here

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