Hopefully a straightforward question...

I am following the example based on this page here http://www.geoext.org/lib/GeoExt/widgets/MapPanel.html to create a map within a window, here's my code:

new Ext.Window({
    title: "GeoExt MapPanel Window",
    height: 400,
    width: 600,
    layout: "fit",
    items: [{
        xtype: "gx_mappanel",
        id: "mappanel",
        layers: [basemap],
        extent: "-5,35,15,55"

So the above example create a new map in a floating window which is exactly what I'm after... My question is how exactly do I get a handle to the map within this new window so I can add controls and layers after the map has been created? Something along the lines of:

map = grab_the_map_somehow_from_Ext.Window_above();

Thanks for your help.


Define the map as an OL Map separately, then assign it to the mappanel. Works for me.

var map; map = new OpenLayers.Map();


items: [{ xtype: "gx_mappanel", map : map, // <--- add this id: "mappanel", layers: [basemap], extent: "-5,35,15,55" }] ...


@Mapperez solution will manipulate the Ext panel, and OL will not (I think) recognize it as a valid map object.

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