I'm doing this sql query using geoservers sql views:

SELECT kmeans, count(*), ST_BUFFER(ST_CENTROID(ST_Collect(geom)), qrt(count(*))*1000  ) AS geom
   SELECT kmeans(ARRAY[ST_X(ST_CENTROID(geom)), ST_Y(ST_CENTROID(geom))], 10) OVER (), geom
      FROM data WHERE foo = %FOO%
AS ksub
GROUP BY kmeans
ORDER BY kmeans

This always returns the same regardless which bounding box is requestet via the wms. But I want to use the bounding box in my WHERE clause. I know that the user gets a different result then if there are more tiles used to dislpay a map but that will be ok for me.



  • Did you solve it?
    – pakman
    Commented Jun 10, 2015 at 23:46

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I found some workaround to this as I was needing to do exactly the same thing, classify using kmeans inside the database depending on the features which are within the extent. I'm using openlayers.

Here is what I do. In javascript I've put a listener on precompose event in the map. Then I can calculate the extents (bbox) inside the javascript and change the request parameters of the TileWMS layer.

Here is the piece of code:

map.on('precompose', function() {
            var layer = map.getLayers().item(0);
            var view = map.getView();
            var center = view.getCenter();
            var resolution = view.getResolution();
            var size = map.getSize();
            var bbox = [
                center[0] - size[0] * resolution * 0.5,
                center[1] - size[1] * resolution * 0.5,
                center[0] + size[0] * resolution * 0.5,
                center[1] + size[1] * resolution * 0.5
            layer.getSource().params_.x1 = bbox[0];
            layer.getSource().params_.y1 = bbox[1];
            layer.getSource().params_.x2 = bbox[2];
            layer.getSource().params_.y2 = bbox[3];

Everytime the map is going to compose it updates the x1, y1, x2, y2 parameters, so I can use them in my SQL View.

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