I used QGIS a little bit a few years ago and used some layers for my city that I had. I have a simple project that I would like to use it for and am having a little problem. I would like to simply get an orthophoto of a parcel that we recently purchased. I found this thread.

It is practically what I want to do. I just want the data for another township in the same state.

I can set up the coordinate system and know the WMS layer I would like to use for the orthos, but, the instructions say to add a vector layer of the specific area I'm interested in. The example gives Acme Township as an example. The instructions don't tell me where I can find the layer so I can add it. In my case I am looking for Mecosta Township, MI.

Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find some sort of shapefile for Mecosta Township. If the layer includes parcels that would be ideal.


You don't need a vector layer first to add a WMS layer. Just ignore those instructions. If you post the link to the WMS you are planning to use, we can verify if it works.

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