My friend Bob goes from A to B leaving tomorrow morning at 6:00. There are many direction services that indicates him short, fast and/or cheap routes. Bob does not like to drive under the rain and wants to know which weather is forecast along different routes.

To help him, I would like to develop a web service that enriches existing direction web services and provides him with the "weather profile" of his trip from A to B. Such weather profile could be represented like on the following image (taken from the excellent Norwegian website www.yr.no), except the X axis would be the travel time (or distance):

weather profile in Marseilles

Do you know if such service (or comparable) already exist?

Do you know some useful weather forecast web services to develop such thing? The requirement would be a service that provides for any location (lon,lat) a forecast (temperature, rain, etc.) for a given date/time.


The Weather Underground does this - Road Trip Planner (with Weather)

enter image description here


Example Route above: http://www.wunderground.com/roadtrip/?lat=41.17245&lon=-73.34747&zoom=9&type=map&units=metric&dir=1&dir.p0=NYC&dir.d0=2011-03-15&dir.t0=12%3A00&dir.p1=Boston%2C%20Massachusetts&dir.t1=12%3A00&dir.t2=12%3A00&svr=1&svr.opa=70&tfk=0

Snow Warning... Snow Warning...

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I am unsure of anything that already plans routes by weather conditions, but if you were to try to figure it yourself, I would take a look at NOAA/NWS GIS Data. They have both KMLs and Shapefiles for current weather, forecasts, hurricanes, etc.

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  • And, after I post I notice that your picture is weather from France. So this might not help. I am looking into if there is something similar on an international basis. – MaryBeth Mar 14 '11 at 17:20

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