I used ArcMap (arcpy) to export shapefiles into KMZ and then display them via Google Maps API v3. It looks fine initally:

Enter image description here

But when I hover my mouse above the KMZ and click it, it will alway show my local path information:

Enter image description here

It is very annoying. Is there a solution to avoid this? I just want the KMZ to show the shape...

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Since you are using arcpy, you will be able to modify how the KMZ is exported.
I am not sure if that is the kml_document or kml_id attribute controlling your hoover/click, but essentially you can control what value is in both of those attributes. See the KML documentation.

Also, an excellent webcast from FME (even though that is not the software you are using) should give you some ideas about how to control the document, name, id, and the balloon. And more from FME.

Whether it only shows that information when you click that is controlled by the balloon tag.

  • I figured it out, just by adding "{suppressInfoWindows: true}"
    – Mingshu
    Sep 27, 2013 at 15:41

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