Hey I'm building a web application and want to use some GIS services for other planets/moons.

In general, I want to find GIS web resources which apply to bodies apart from Earth.

Anybody have url endpoints to a:

  • Mars tile service
  • Titan WMS service
  • Jupiter's Red Spot place finder
  • Milky Way routing service
  • Pluto geocoder

I'm more interested in services on the web, rather than data I would need to download and tile/host myself.

Thanks in advance for all answers!


When US government sites are available again (shut down as of October 2013), try PIGWAD, Planetary Interactive G.I.S.-on-the-Web Analyzable Database at http://webgis.wr.usgs.gov. You can get an idea of its capabilities by checking a cached version via Google or the Wayback Machine.


For Mars, you could check JMARS and google mars.

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