Can I merge resolution with both image is float single data type? I have done this, but the output image become white. Do the data type must be in unsigned-8 bit for the merge to be success?


I am having difficulty understanding the scenario. One solution, if I understand properly, would be to create a file geodatabase in ArcCatalog. Create a mosaic dataset within the file geodatabase, and add rasters by right clicking on the mosaic dataset once created. Here you will be able to set a pixel depth for all rasters being added... such as a 32 bit floating point or 8 bit signed. You will want to determine the use first, as applying colormap functions require a 1, 4, 8, or 16 bit signed/ or unsigned integer. You would want to use Signed Integer if you have negative values. If you are just applying a slope or aspect function, 32-bit floating point will work properly, however once you run a function, you will have to recalculate statistics for the mosaic dataset by right clicking on the mosaic dataset> enchance tab> calculate statistics.

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