I'm trying to do a print export using arcgis 10.1 and latest esri jsapi.

Is there any out of the box way that I can extract out Web_Map_as_JSON from a given webmap?

esri.tasks.PrintTask generates a Web_Map_as_JSON object on its execute method.

I can capture the request parameter while posting but I need much cleaner approach. I have to post this to another application which works as a proxy between my client and server.

Please help!

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    What are you trying to do exactly? Do you want to get the raw JSON request which gets posted to the ExportWebMap geoprocessing task? – Petr Krebs Oct 7 '13 at 18:15

You could try PrintTask.prototype._getPrintDefinition(map); You may also want to check out this cereal library as well.


Out of the box.. I'm not sure, but you can roll out your own by following this specification:


It's pretty daunting at first, but you do have all the data in the map and layers object. Probably the best tip I can give is for graphic layers: just call graphics.toJson() when you're specify its features.

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