When I attended the QGIS in Action workshop at FOSS4G13 Tim Sutton mentioned there was a new option to save a project as a template which when you opened up a new QGIS project you could pick to choose the saved template.

In my QGIS 2.0.1 Windows from the Project menu option there is a "New from Template" but how can I save a project as a template?

When I choose Save As... it is just a standard project file.

This may be linked with Print Composer but I have not found any guidance on using this option.



In the options of QGIS 2.0 there is a category in the General tab where you can specify your template folder on your hardrive. enter image description here

The default folder is inside your profile folder (.qgis2). To use existing qgis project files as templates (extension .qgs) just copy them inside the specified project templates folder. Then restart QGIS. Now you should be able to select all the existing .qgs templates through the Project -> New from Template menu entry.

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