How could I perform a Tabulate Area using GDAL and Numpy? I am trying to summarize how many pixels of each class in a Landcover raster are within each polygon of a Census Blocks shapefile.

I've tried playing with numpy.histogram2d, but didn't have any luck.

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    Have a look at the code of my QGIS plugin LecoS (or use it directly). It can extract raster values per polygon using scipy and PIL.
    – Curlew
    Oct 7, 2013 at 22:17

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try something like this:

import gdal
import numpy as np

area_per_pixel = 100 #example...you change to suit

r = gdal.Open(rasterfile)
band = 1
raster_arr = np.array(r.GetRasterBand(band).ReadAsArray())

for cover in np.unique(raster_arr):
    tot_num_pixels = np.sum(raster_arr == cover)
    area = tot_num_pixels * area_per_pixel
    print cover, area

as for you shapefile and exactly what's going on there, I'm not sure since we cannot see it.

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