I have two locations: (A) starting point and (B) designation. Also I have a slope raster. I want to find the cheapest path between these two locations based on the slope (it is more expensive to travel over steep slope). What tools in which order do I have to use in order to get that (either ArcGIS or Grass GIS)?


There are several relevant commands in GRASS:

  • r.drain traces a flow through a least-cost path in an elevation model
  • r.cost determines the cumulative cost of moving to each cell on the input cost surface
  • r.walk outputs a raster map layer showing the lowest cumulative cost of moving between each cell and the user-specified starting points

This answer advices r.cost. You can check this comparison between least-cost paths computed by r.walk and r.cost using a slope surface, and this article page 4. And maybe this thread can be useful.

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