I have a road network in 2D/PostGIS and a DEM. I want to turn the road network into 3D by retrieving the Z-value from the DEM.

Both files are quiet large so an efficient process is needed. I'd prefer to use QGIS or any other open source tool.


For that, you can use

  • GRASS GIS with v.drape: Converts vector map to 3D by sampling of elevation raster map.
  • SAGA GIS with Shapes - Grid\Add Grid Values to Shapes
  • QGIS with GRASS v.drape in Sextante (QGIS 1.8) or Processing (QGIS 2.0)

enter image description here

  • QGIS with SAGA GIS "Add grid to shapes" in Processing (QGIS 2.0)

enter image description here

  • Python in the Python console with



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