I want to create an interactive map where users can go to the website, click on a polygon in the map, and have a chioce of three options. When they click one, it will change the color and update the attribute.

I want to have a split screen showing images from Google Earth (the image would be the same location but a different time period) and a outline of polygons overlaid on it. The user would ideally click the polygon and have a choice of red, yellow, or green pop up. They would then chose the color, and in the background the attribute for that polygon will change.

How would I go about doing this? I am new to web mapping.Thanks.


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This is a fairly big question, a good place to start would be investigating different client-side api's for creating web maps. Some great ones include:

Part of your decision will be based on if your application will be commercial. If so, I recommend leaflet.

These api's also tie into different server-side options. For example, if you are using ArcGIS Server to serve up geometry/tiles, then definitely look closely at esri's javascript api.

I recommend choosing an api and begin coding. From there, you can ask additional and more targeted questions in the forum and get responses. For example:

  • how can i add geojson polygon to a leaflet map?
  • how can i integrate / sync my mapbox map with a google earth view?
  • how can i dynamically change the symbology of my esri graphics layer?

Hope this gets you started.

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