I tried to use QGIS to transform shp files in kml and to translate the CRS to use in a google maps application. My problem is that I have a lot of shp files that i can open in a bulk manner by drag and drop but i can only export one layer at a time.

I have used the MMQGIS plugin to merge layers and export one that containes all. This works fine, except that the only way i can keep track of the shp files is by their file name (the objname is truncated to 10 chars), and when i merge the layes the order gets somehow scrambled and i cannot make sense of the what is which.

So, bottom line, how can i convert a lot of shp files (and also to change the CRS) in a more friendly format (kml, csv, json, etc)?


With the command line ogr2ogr, you can bulk convert your shps and change the CRS into many different formats including kml, json, geojson, and csv.

For a Romanian CRS called Stereo 70 the source CRS (SRS in this case or EPSG), I think should be 3844. To transform to Google Maps, use -t_srs 4326 in your command.


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