In QGIS, I use the python console to generate image files through the composer. In particular, I am creating a map with a legend. The legend is too big. It occupies about 1/8 of the image. I would like to make the legend smaller.

The code that adds the legend to the composition is:

c = QgsComposition(mapRenderer)
cleg = QgsComposerLegend(c)

A legend is created, but it is too big. In order to make it smaller, I have been reading the documentation of the QgsComposerLegend and QgsComposerItem classes, with no positive results. In particular, I have been trying to change the legend size by typing


but the size does not change.

I think I might have to make the font smaller first. If that is the case, I should use setStyleFont, which depends on a QgsComposerLegendStyle object which I don't know how to retrieve (I have tried to use the rstyle function, but I don't know how to use it).

In summary, could you please provide an example on how to:

  1. Make the legend smaller
  2. Make the legend font smaller?

Thank you!

  • In the composer window there is an option to word wrap on a particular character sequence. I am afraid I am ignorant of the Python API (todo list) but you might see if the newline escape sequence '\n' could be inserted programmatically into your legend strings. Or use a mesh of the composer and scripting to achieve a smaller width. – RomaH Mar 25 '14 at 22:33

As you guessed it's impossible to make the legend smaller then its contents. So, to change the legend font size, use something like:

newFont = QFont("Comic Sans MS", 6)
cleg.setStyleFont(QgsComposerLegendStyle.Title, newFont)
cleg.setStyleFont(QgsComposerLegendStyle.Subgroup, newFont)
cleg.setStyleFont(QgsComposerLegendStyle.SymbolLabel, newFont)

(depending on which component of the legend text you want to change). You may also want to adjust the symbol spacing, which can be done using code like:

cleg.rstyle(QgsComposerLegendStyle.Symbol).setMargin(QgsComposerLegendStyle.Top, 0)

Lastly, to adjust the symbol box size:


Using those three adjustments you should be able to reduce the size of your legend.

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