I want to run a field calculation on a string field named [territory] that first looks at a string field [majr_src] to see if there is a value other than "NONE", if so [territory] = [majr_src]. If not, it looks at field [top_pct] to see if it is >30, if so [territory] is assigned the value of another string field called [Top_src]. Finally, if neither of these conditions are met it assigns [Territory] the value from a final string field called [Close_src]

I have: Pre-Logic Script Code:

def selectter(n):
 if [Majr_src] != "NONE":
  n = "[Majr_src]"
  if [Top_pct] > 30:
   n = "[Top_src]"
   n = "[Close_src]"


Territory =

any help would be greatly appreciated. *Note I am on Arc 10.1

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Make sure that you have set your parser to Python (as suggseted by @Arabella) and then try something more like this untested code:

Pre-Logic Script Code:

def selectter(Majr_src,Top_pct,Top_src,Close_src):
 if Majr_src != "NONE":
  return Majr_src
  if Top_pct > 30:
   return Top_src
   return Close_src

and Territory =


A key to understanding how code blocks work in the Field Calculator is learning how to use Python functions.

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    The field names should be surrounded by ! not [. I think the OP has not changed the parser to Python in the Field Calculator. – Cindy Jayakumar Oct 17 '13 at 6:01

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