I have a requirement of GIS to be implemented using Java. I have read the developer guide for OpenStreetMap but there is insufficient information for its set-up technically.

I am completely new to GIS. Any help regarding technical set-up of OpenStreetMap as well as information about using them will be very much appreciated.

  • It might be easier if you can tell us what (specifically) you can and can not do with the information you have. Per the answer below, there is a lot of information on the OSM wiki, but what part of "setup" are you having trouble with. Even knowing whether you're trying to do something on the client or server side might help, but telling us what you need to do, what you've already done, what worked, what didn't work, and what happened instead would be useful. You can just edit (click edit, above) your question to include these details. – BradHards Oct 16 '13 at 23:58

There are a lot of useful information for developers in the OpenStreetMap wiki. In detail, there's the Using OpenStreetMap for Development table which contains links to other specific wiki pages about how to embed OSM maps, deploy a web application using OSM (e.g. using OpenLayers), OSM services, etc. There are also several desktop and online projects under the Main Projects paragraph from which you could start.

Using OpenStreetMap for Development

If you don't have to implement an application from scratch, give gvSIG a try:

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