My workbench is running into some date data it is rejecting. Here is the error I'm receiving...

The invalid value '20100419000000' was supplied to the field 'install_date_orig'

I believe the feature is rejected because of the '000000' for the time portion of the date. Any suggestions of which transformers may be useful to get around this issue.

Here's an list of of what I've tried so far.

  • DateFormatter with this format, FME Date (%Y%m%d)
  • SubStringExtractor to split the field into the year, month and day parts, StringConcatenator to recombine those parts, the DateFormatter as per above, and finally AttributeRemover to exclude the bad field.
  • TestFilter and Tester to filter out the bad records.

I've noticed that when it reaches the bad record it fails before it reaches the first transformer. Is there anyway to catch a record with a bad field value before it reaches any of the transformers?

I appreciate any suggestions.

  • Thanks. I didn't realize I could edit my original post. – user23000 Oct 18 '13 at 12:44

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