I have downloaded osm2po 4.7.7 but when trying to follow the instrutions in either the documentation but I'm not able to access the map in my browser on http://localhost:8888/Osm2poService. What I have done is:

  • to download and extract osm2po 4.7.7 and the map denmark-latest.osm.pbf.
  • to run (in cmd.exe) java -jar osm2po-core-4.7.7-signed.jar prefix=dk "C:\users\mgn.mes\documents\denmark-latest.osm.pbf" from the directory where i unpacked osm2po 4.7.7.

Then osm2po starts ad I'm prompted for accepting terms by hitting enter. I hit enter and the program ends. Then I try to enter http://localhost:8888/Osm2poService in the browser, but nothing i returned.

Do I need to change the .config file?



Pressed Enter? ... Enter "yes" and then press Return.

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