This might be a very simple thing, but I just can't figure it out how to do it in QGIS (alternatively I'm also grateful for explanations for ArcGIS). I have a fisheries dataset with multiple catches in one location. I'd like to display these catches as a dot varying in size according to the number of catches - like dots displaying population size in a city. However, the excel sheet I have is one catch each row, with the same coordinates but different attributes (length, weight, etc). Is there a tool in QGIS that can merge all points in one location (other attributes not needed then)? Thanks a lot for your help!

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I don't know which version of QGIS you have, but you should have the OSGeo4W desktop icon. So the simplest way to accomplish your task consists into double click on this icon, navigate to the folder containing your data (e.g. catches.shp) and then type:

ogr2ogr catches_merge.shp catches.shp -dialect sqlite -sql "SELECT *, COUNT(geometry) AS NUM_CATCH FROM catches GROUP BY geometry"

The result, i.e. catches_merge.shp, should be what you're looking for. See the OGR SQL page for more details.

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  • Thanks a lot for your answer - unfortunatelly the OSGeo4W tool is not working properly, it won't read the folder and I can't figure out why. Is there another possibility to do it? I have now summed up all catches at the same location to numerical values in a column, is there any tool that can give me a size-varying dot according to the numerical value in a certain column?
    – Kristina
    Oct 21, 2013 at 16:44
  • @Kristina Try to install QGIS with the latest OSGeo4W installer. It include several bugfixes and the latest versions of softwares and libraries included. I'm actually using the new experimental 64bit one and it works for your need. Oct 21, 2013 at 17:03

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