In QGIS 2.0 I can use with success the $scale function in the labeling expressions.

When I tried to use it for symbolizing in the data defined properties it has a value of 0.

Is there a way to make it perform like it does in labeling (getting the scale)?

As I saw in the expression string builder help that

$scale function
Returns the current scale of the map canvas. 
Note: This function is only available in some contexts and will be 0 otherwise.

is there a source where I can read more about this e.g. in what contexts it is available? Thanks, Tudor

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    Have you tried using it because the dialog will show 0 even if it is used when the expression is evaluated. It will show 0 just because the dialog doesn't know about the map canvas so it can't get the scale at that point (to be fixed) – Nathan W Oct 20 '13 at 4:00
  • I have tried using it without success. – tudorbarascu Oct 20 '13 at 16:02
  • Could you share your expression that you used for scaling labels? – mixedbredie Nov 6 '13 at 17:01
  • CASE WHEN $scale > 500 THEN ..END.. – tudorbarascu Nov 6 '13 at 20:47
  • The sintaxis is similar to used in raster calculator. – xunilk Apr 12 '15 at 11:43

The problem was in to use directly with a wrong sintaxis expression.

When I put only $scale in the browser I got:

enter image description here

By using the rule ($scale <= 500)*$scale; where the sintaxis is similar to used in raster calculator. In the image below the rule is not reached ($scale <= 500 = FALSE = 0):

enter image description here

When the rule is reached the scale ($scale <= 500 = TRUE = 1) is displayed if it is used the adequate product; ($scale <= 500)*$scale:

enter image description here

It works.

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