I'm using ArcMap 10. Is there a way to convert a .kml file into a .csv to check the attributes or a .shp to import it straight into ArcMap?

I've tried downloading various programmes to convert it but they either don't work properly or my university won't let me download them.

Here is the .kml file in question.


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Use the KML To Layer tool which you can find and open via the Search window or in ArcToolbox under the Conversion Tools.

Converts a KML or KMZ file into feature classes and a layer file. The layer file maintains the symbology found within the original KML or KMZ file.

You can go from the feature class or layer (created by that tool) to a shapefile using Copy Features (or Export Data in the Table of Contents).



You can do that easily in QGIS.

  • change your KMZ to KML (open in google earth and save as KML)
  • open as a vector layer in QGIS
  • right click the layer -> save as -> choose ESRI shapefile from the dropdown
  • do the same with CSV from the dropdown

I have just done this with your data and it seems to provide all the necessary data you require - takes 2 seconds


You could look at using FWTools. Its an open source commandline tool. The command you would want to use to convert the KML to a SHP would be the following:

ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" c:\temp\outshapefile.shp C:\temp\inkml.kml

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