I am trying to do a simple labelling exercise however I am a bit stuck on how to remove unwanted '0' values. I have three fields which I would like to display in a stacked label i.e. on three lines. However the third field has a number of 0 values which I would like to disappear - i.e. instead of having: Field One Field Two 0 I would like to have: Field One Field Two Blank

Any ideas welcomed - as you will guess I am fairly new at this so all help appreciated.


Next to the label field click the "expression" button, then "advanced" checkbox and write a function in VBScript, JScrip or Python (choose the parser at the bottom). In this case 0 is an integer, if '0' use that. The Verify button tests it.

It expects a return called "FindLabel" so you have to use that name.

Here is a VBScript example

Function FindLabel ( [Field1] , [Field2] , [Field3])
If [Field3] <> 0 Then 
FindLabel = [Field1] & " " & [Field2] & " " & [Field3]
Else FindLabel = [Field1] & " " & [Field2]
End If
End Function

The label field will then show <expression> and the label will be "Field1 Field2 field3" if Field3 is not equal to 0, and "Field1 Field2" if it is.

  • Thanks this works! I modified " " to vbNewLine to get stacked labels but otherwise it worked perfectly. – user2903445 Nov 19 '13 at 10:52

You are asking about creating a label expression, advice is given here, there is also someone's teaching material here which looks helpful.

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