I can't understand the meaning of feature in QGIS QgsFeature class. How it is related to layer and geometry?

I have read QGIS documentation but I can't understand what is feature.

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Notwithstanding whether there are non-geographical features, I think of a feature as being something with geometry (x,y etc) and attributes i.e. a feature is more than geometry. Then when a feature (as part of a feature class) is displayed on a map it also has symbology (points drawn in red dots of 10pts, etc) and can be referred to as part of a layer.

In other words, glossing over many details:

  • feature = geometry + attributes
  • feature class = collection of features
  • layer = feature class + symbology

A feature means geographic feature (has geometry). Consequently, if it doesn't have geometry, it's not a feature.


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