I have an attribute table with 15 columns that contain either a '0' or a taxonomy number. I would like a summarized column that shows the number of different species.

location  type1  type2  type3  etc etc...  nr_of_species
    1      123    234    0      .........      2
    2      456     0     0      .........      1
    3       0      0     0      .........      0

Is there a way to do this with VBA and field calculator? I have no experience with VBA, so i might need a complete dummy-guide.


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UPDATE: I solved it with writing really ugly code:

Dim counter as integer
counter = 0

if [type1] > 0 then
    counter = counter + 1
if [type2] > 0 then
    counter = counter + 1

etc etc..

  • There is nothing wrong with the way you've done it, some logic can often be verbose. More importantly it works! :)
    – Hornbydd
    Nov 22, 2013 at 13:41

If you wanted to use Python, you could do this in the Field Calculator...

In the "Pre-logic script code" box:

def CountFieldsGreaterThanZero(fieldList):
  counter = 0
  for field in fieldList:
    if field > 0:
      counter += 1
  return counter

In the expression box:

CountFieldsGreaterThanZero([!type1!, !type2!, !type3!, !type4!])

Essentially what you do is pass a "list of fields" (surrounded by brackets) that you want to evaulate to the CountFieldsGreaterThanZero function...

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