I am currently using Notebook++ to edit my GeoServer Styles (Yep, I like to do them the hard way). This is a Windows Environment.

I also use XML Copy and XML Notepad 2007 Editor but so far I have been unable to to get a DTD/Schema to work with it for SLD and more specifically the GeoServer Extensions to the SLD Specification.


  1. Does anyone have a Style for SLD for Notepad++ or know where I can get one?
  2. Are there any better XML Editors out there that will use the SLD DTD?
  3. Where can I get an XLST file for Geoserver SLD and extensions or vanilla SLDs at the very least

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On part 2 of your question, I would recommend Oxygen. It will happily work with the SLD schemas, to allow you to hand craft your styles.

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