I have installed PostgreSQL 9.2 and PostGIS 2.0.3 from Stackbuilder. My template_postgis_20 does not have a geometry table only spatial_ref_sys table.

Is that a problem and, if not, then how can i create table using this postgis template with Geometry?

I have both tried Windows 7 and 8.


There should not be a geometry table so there should be no problem. You will want a table that has a geometry column though. Actually, geometry is the data type, and the column that is of that type can have any name -- the name, however, is conventionally called "geom" or sometimes "the_geom".

You use the template_postgis only when you create a spatial database:

Assuming you're using pgAdmin III,

Object browser > Server Groups > Servers > PostgreSQL (localhost:5432) > Databases 

(From now on, this will be just pgAdmin: >>> Databases)

pgAdmin: >>> Databases R-mouse-btn> New Database

    Name: my_new_db
    Owner: postgres
    Template: template_postgis

That last bit is important; it ensures that the DB is spatially enabled.


Now go examine your new DB.

pgAdmin: >>> Databases > my_new_db > Schemas > public

Notice the counts for the new "empty" DB are all (0), except Functions (approx. 892), Tables (1), Views (4) -- thus, it's spatially enabled.


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