I'm wondering what methods folks are familiar with for geotagging/displaying text documents, or the text from a document.

For example, it's easy enough to geotag a photo and display it in ArcGIS or Google Earth, but what if I have an extended textual description of a place?

Is it possible to geotag that, export it as a shapefile, and display that text in a GIS?

One possibility seems to create a text field, but that seems limited in characters.

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For ArcGIS v10 and greater you may add a text document as an attachment to a geodatabase feature class features.

Attachments provide a flexible way to manage additional information that is related to your features. Attachments allow you to add files to individual features and can be images, PDFs, text documents, or any other type of file. For example, if you have a feature representing a building, you could use attachments to add multiple photographs of the building taken from several angles, along with PDF files containing the building's deed and tax information.

Enabling Attachments


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