I'm working on a project where I've found an open source NASA .mxd of shapefiles, layers, metadata, geology, a 30x30 graticule that splits the lat and long into 30 degree square polygons, etc. I only want to use data that exists between the equator and 30 degrees latitude in both northern and southern hemisphere. How would you clip this data without having to select a region to clip by hand for all the different raster and vector layers (there are a lot of them)?


You need to apply the Clip (Analysis) for vector layers and the Clip (Data Management) for raster layers both in batch mode. In the first case, you need a clip feature, so you have to draw a rectangle of your area of interest. Instead, in the second case, you can directly specify the four coordinates defining the minimum bounding rectangle to be clipped. Hope this helps.

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    You could also consider using a loop in Python and iterating through every feature you want to select features in another layer with. forums.arcgis.com/threads/81286-Batch-clip-using-arcpy-script. I find setting batch mode parameters to be a tedious task :) – Alex Tereshenkov Oct 31 '13 at 7:56
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    I'm agree with you @AlexTereshenkov. I'd use a simple batch script with GDAL/OGR instead, but this is the answer to another question. ;-) – Antonio Falciano Oct 31 '13 at 9:27

The Clip Workspace Model looks like it could work for your NASA .mxd. I personally only came across it recently and have not had a chance to test it. The download includes the toolbox, documentation, and a sample .mxd with data to test with.

It is a rather simple model which iterates through your workspace. Uses the Clip (Analysis) tool and therefore will not work for raster datasets.

The description of the model is as follows:

This model clips all of the features within a workspace or feature dataset. Application would include clipping an entire geodatabase to create a subset of the data for a specific project.

Download Page on the ArcGIS Resource Center

  • Realized that the data you were provided with is not in a geodatabase. Unless you import your data into one for clipping purposes...the answer by @afalciano is likely your best bet. Still a useful model for future use. – Adam Oct 31 '13 at 20:32

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