I decided to say goodbye to ArcGIS and switch to QGIS which is nice, but it has given me a hard time to handle various problems. Few months ago, I made a map using QGIS 1.8 with a relief background having a colormap from green to brown. Later on, I upgraded to QGIS to 2.01. Now, when I reopen the same map project with the intent to change the colormap of the map because that one was very pale. But, it seems that either I forgot how a colormap can be changed or my QGIS has lost that capability or there is a problem with my tif file which has three bands.

This is what I get when I open the Colormap tab in the Layer Properties window:

Almost everything is frozen and I don't know why

Any idea of how I can change the colormap?


The colour map is all done in the style tab in 2.0

enter image description here

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