Is there some solution for calculating minimum and maximum width for overlay of two polygon strips? When I clip these strips the result is another strip with variable width about 1 km and 20 km long. How can I get minimum and maximum width for the clipped strip in shorter axis? I try script from Calculating Polygon Width in ArcGIS Desktop? but it doesn´t suite with this issue. Is there some solution for ArcGIS 10.1? example: clipped strip with red line for minimum width, blue for maximum Or is it some solution solving the problem straightway without clipping inputs?

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Supposidely this utility through QGIS can calculate MIN and MAX width for a polygon:


It is designed to compute (for now) maximum or minimum width of the given polygon(s) in the given direction.


If I understand what it is you're trying to do, you may want to try calculating minimum bounding geometry (by width) to give you the min polygon width:


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