I have problem with qgis-mapserver version 2 and ECW.

Qgis Desktop works well with ECW (gdal support for ecw with the library ERDAS_ECWJP2_SDK-5.0) but not qgis-mapserver (not supported file in Apache error logs).

qgis-server must use the same gdal librarie that qgis desktop (QGIS desktop and server are all 2 installed on my computer (ubuntu 12.10). This is what I do not understand.

Thank you


I just watched the license to use the ERDAS_ECWJP2_SDK-5.0, including this paragraph: 1.9. "Server Application" means clustering software products That You Develop or maintain maintenance and are able of running on a Server To Provide an image decoding or processing capability. This License Agreement Does not Authorize You to use the SDK to create Server Applications.

With this SDK for a "free" installation, or it is installed with a "Desktop Read-Only" license or with a license "Server Read-Only End User" but not the 2.

Next time, I would read longer uses licenses, something I rarely do.

Thank you for your answers

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