I need to export data from an ArcGIS 10.2 File Geodatabase (GDB) to an older version, so that users running an older version can access the data. Similarly, I would like to save a .mxd file to an older version, ideally 10 or 10.1.

It seems that most people want to go the other direction. Has anyone found a way to do this with access to only a 10.2 license?

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    The file geodatabase format hasn't changed since 10.0.
    – Vince
    Nov 6, 2013 at 12:15

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Use the Create File Geodatabase tool. Set desired version then import/export data from 10.2 geodatabase

In Arcmap, from the File menu, use Save A Copy to save the mxd to an older version.

  • Thanks. I feel silly for asking. I swear before I had done this under "Save as..." and no longer saw the option. Now I realize it is under "Save a Copy". Much appreciated.
    – Dan
    Nov 6, 2013 at 12:28

I have 10.2 now and can confirm that a 10.2 MXD can be opened by 10.1 and that an GeoDatabase created in 10.2 can actually be accessed from 10.0 and 10.1.

  • Okay, thank you for the info. I had tried this on another machine and it was resulting in an error. It may be an unrelated issue on that system. Good to know that it is possible.
    – Dan
    Nov 6, 2013 at 12:26

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