I want to install ArcGIS Server (AGS) 10 but our users only have ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1.

So does Esri support:

  • Access/use AGS services from 10 in 9.3.1?
  • Manage (create services etc) AGS 10 from ArcCatalog 9.3.1?

I know you can use the web manager but our users are used to managing AGS from desktop.

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You cannot administer ArcGIS Server 10 using an older version of ArcGIS Desktop. See the Migrating to 10 page in the help.

Also, if you upgrade any ArcSDE installations to ArcSDE 10, those servers will not support older desktop clients. See the Product Compatibility Matrix for ArcSDE.

However, consuming services between versions is generally supported. Some features at 10 may not be available at 9.X.


a) Yes, I am doing that and you can view and zoom/pan etc (anything 9.3.1 allows a user to do).

b) No, You may only connect to the 10 server as a user, you may not manage except from a computer with version 10 of desktop installed. You may manage a 9.3.1 server from a desktop with version 10. I'm doing that.


Here's a post from the ESRI forums. It suggests that you can consume services in 9.3.1, but you will not be able to create an administrative connection to the server.



I'd say avouid it like the plague as it's full of issues. Just upgraded and having issues. Just applying SP1 to the server and not a single desktop can cause issues.

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